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Battleship is a popular logical clicker game familiar to many people since childhood in its classic variant: on simple paper sheets. On GAMEZZ Online you can play Battleship with your friends over the network getting:

  • access to this puzzle from smartphones, PCs and tablets;
  • an opportunity to watch the video about playing Battleship and to thoroughly examine the tactics of the game in Russian;
  • the possibility of playing with the computer of with real players without registration.

The free Battleship mini game for two players is a great opportunity to have a good time with a friend. Improve your visual memory and train attention concentration with games by GAMEZZ Online. If you know how to play Battleship and like it, then let’s play right now!


The rules of the Battleship game

The point of the game is a battle of the opponents on two square grids sized 10x10 squares each. If you’re a rookie or forgot the rules then learn how to play Battleship from the information below.

The aim of the game is to sink all the ships placed in the opponent’s field during the battle.

The rules of ship arrangement

Each player is provided a set of 10 ships where the number of decks is equal to the number of squares on the grid:

  • 1 Battleship — the largest four-deck ship;
  • 2 three-deck Cruisers;
  • 3 two-deck Destroyers;
  • and 4 Torpedo Boats consisting of one deck.

The listed ships are arranged automatically on a random scheme. The ships can be placed vertically and horizontally, and a distance of at least one square is kept between them.

The course of the game

  • Two grids are shown on the screen: yours with your fleet displayed and your opponent’s grid where the ship arrangement is unknown.
  • When both players are ready to start the fight, the battle begins where the players shoot the opponent’s grid in turns.
  • If the shot hits a square that contains an opponent’s ship, this place is marked by a cross and you obtain the right for another shot to finish it off straight away (thus you can get the list of the surely empty squares faster). If the shot is blank, this place is marked with a dot and the turn goes to the second player.

It should be taken into account that there is no optimal algorithm of playing Battleship or strategy of seeking for the opponent’s ships: here you rely mostly on luck. Yet, knowing the number, types and rules of arrangement of the ships, in certain situations of particular games you can elaborate tactics that will lead you to victory!


The game is considered over only when one of the players has destroyed all the 10 ships of their opponent.

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