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Durak classic

Podkidnoy Durak with a deck of 36 cards, as well as Perevodnoy Durak, is one of the most common card games, which are especially popular among players from around the world.

After passing a simple registration on the website, the online version of this game is fully available on any device:

  • Read the rules in English and learn how to get rid of cards and win against your rivals;
  • Practice alone with a computer and play Durak with real people, earning crystals and a rating;
  • Log in where it is convenient for you—your account saves the results and it is available on your PC, tablet, and phone.

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Durak classic

Durak rules

Durak is one of many popular varieties of card games. For its implementation, a deck is provided, which consists of 36 cards. The number of participants varies from two to four people.

Getting rid of cards before all rivals is the goal of the game.


  • Initially, the system automatically issues six cards to each participant.
  • Then all remaining cards, together with a certain trump card, are put into one pile in reserve.
  • The one with the lowest trump card is the first to draw a card; the next participant (clockwise) leads second, and so on.
  • It is allowed to put any number of cards onto the field, but only if they are of the same suit and their number does not exceed the total number of cards in the hands of the batting participant.
  • The player, under which another player made a move, should block these cards with either a trump card or a high card of the same suit.
  • The batting player should either block all the cards or pick them up for himself/herself.
  • If a participant was able to block all the cards put forward, the system sends them to a separate pile called a trash, and they no longer participate in the game.
  • After completing each lead, players get their cards from the spare deck.
  • If the leaded card is a trump card, then it can be blocked only by the highest trump card.


The player who did not have time to get rid of his/her cards has been made a fool out.

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