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Tile-based games

”Tiles” section on GAMEZZ Online is a collection of popular games, which take place on tile fields. It includes classic table games like chess and checkers, as well as other games, which require just one piece of paper, for example, tic-tac-toe.

In order to get access to the desired tile-based games, there is no need to register on our website. Any games presented here can be played online in guest mode. But by creating a free account, players will get additional features and in-game elements:

  • maintaining a personal gaming account;
  • receiving bonuses and rewards for defeating the opponent;
  • creating your own character and much more.

It should be noted that our browser tile-based games for two players are available not only for PC users, but also for tablets and cell phones users with IOS and Android operating systems.

Tile-based games on small fields, as well as more complex multi-tile variants provide not only a good pastime, but also the development of thinking and memory. Visit GAMEZZ Online and spend your time with benefit!

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