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Accord d'utilisation

Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Iurii Olegovich Gorlov, Sole Proprietor, hereinafter referred to as the «Administrator», acting on the basis of USRPE (Unified State Register of Private Entrepreneurs) No. 314784707100555, invites the Internet user to use their services hosted on the Internet on the terms set forth in this Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as the «Agreement»).

  1. TERMS AND DEFINITIONS For the purposes of this document, the following terms are used with the following meaning:
    1. Authorization — an identification of the User by entering the Active Directory Credentials in the appropriate fields on the Website.
    2. Personal Account — the User's personal page, formed on the Website after Registration, access to which is provided to the User after Authorization.
    3. Current Account — an account in the User's Personal Account, containing information about the balance of the GAMEZZ-coin.
    4. User — an Internet user who is a sui juris natural person.
    5. Administrator — the www.gamezz.com website administrator.
    6. Website — the website on the Internet, located at the following network address: gamezz.com, which hosts the Services, which are accessed, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
    7. Services — online entertainment programs that are accessed on the Website for GAMEZZ coins, as well as other services, works, or goods that can be entered on the Website by the Administrator and which the User has the right to purchase using GAMEZZ coins.
    8. Active Directory Credentials— a unique login (e-mail address) and a password created by the User independently during the registration process on the Website and used to access the User to the Personal Account by Authorization.
    9. GAMEZZ coin — the internal currency of the Website that allows purchasing the Services on the Website.
    1. The Agreement shall govern the procedure for the Administrator to provide the User with the Services on the Website.
    2. After completing the registration procedure, the User is considered to have accepted the terms of the Agreement in full, without any reservations or exceptions. If the User disagrees with any of the terms of the Agreement, the User is not entitled to use the capabilities and Services of the Website. If the Administrator shall made any changes to the Agreement with which the User does not agree he is obliged to stop using the Website.
    3. Acceptance of the terms of the Agreement means agreement to follow the instructions contained on the Website for using the Services.
    4. Using the Services under the Agreement, the User shall fully understand and realize that any agreements with other Users of the Website regarding monetary and other payments to each other, third parties, or the Administrator, depending on the results of an online game or on another events regarding which it is not known whether it will occur or not are strictly prohibited.
    5. The current version of this Agreement is available on the Internet at the following address: https://gamezz.com/page/terms.
    1. The User is obliged to go through the Registration procedure.
    2. Registration is a set of actions of the User, including the provision of Active Directory Credentials and other information, performed by the User through a special form in order to create a Personal Account and to gain access to the Website Services.
    3. After completing the registration procedure, the User shall receive a mail to the e-mail address specified during registration. This mail contains a link, the transition to which confirms the User’s registration on the Website.
    4. For registration, the User shall undertake to provide accurate and complete information about himself/herself on the issues proposed in the registration form, and to keep this information up to date. If the User provides incorrect information or the Administrator has reason to believe that the information provided by the User is incomplete or inaccurate, the Administrator has the right to block or to delete the User's Personal Account and to refuse the User to provide the Service.
    5. The User is responsible for the security (resistance to guessing), the use, and the safety of the Active Directory Credentials.
    6. The User is responsible for all actions performed using the User's Active Directory Credentials.
    7. The User has no right to sell and/or to transfer otherwise his/her Credentials to the third parties.
    1. All actions with the Services on the Website shall be performed only through authorization via the Personal Account.
    2. An access to the Services, carried out for a fee, shall be exercised only if there is a positive balance of GAMEZZ coins on the User's Current Account.
    3. The cost of the Services is contained on the Website in the Personal Account and it can be additionally placed by the Administrator in the Cost of Services section.
    1. The User shall hereby guarantee that he/she understands and agree that all the information specified by the User, including the User’s personal data, is placed on the Website in the public domain, that is, available for review by any User.
      Thus, the User shall assume all risks associated with such placement of information, including, but not limited to: the risk of an e-mail address getting into the lists for sending spam messages, the risk of getting an e-mail address to various scammers, the risk of a phone number getting to SMS spammers and/or SMS scammers, and other risks arising from such posting of information.
    2. The User shall hereby guarantee that he/she understands and agrees that the Website is a tool that enables the Users to use the Website Services in the form in which they are.
      The User shall understand and agree that the Services, access to which he/she will receive for a fee on the Website, may not meet his/her expectations, needs, goals and that these goals, needs, expectations are not known to the Administrator, and that in the event of such inconsistency, the User has no right demand the return of the fee paid for gaining access to the Services.
    3. The User shall understand and accept that, in accordance with this Agreement, he/she is strictly prohibited from using any vulnerabilities, errors in the software of the Website and the Services placed on it in order to influence the use of the Services, including online games.
    4. The User shall understand and agree that the Administrator does not have the technical ability to influence the use of the Services in real time, and therefore, any losses that the Users may experience in connection with interaction with other Users will be settled without the participation of the Administrator.
    5. The User shall understand and agree that he/she does not have the right to carry out activities in order to organize and to participate in gambling, money games, contests, and bets using the Website Services, to make any bets, and to receive winnings both in relation to other Users and to the third parties or the Administrator. In case of violation of the prohibition established by this clause, the Administrator has the right to refuse the User to further provide the Services.
    6. When using any Services, in accordance with this Agreement, it is not allowed to place bets in GAMEZZ coins or in any other currency; all online games and other Services imply solely the game “for fun”, that is, without receiving any material or other winnings.
    7. Under any circumstances, the Administrator's liability, in accordance with Article 15 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, shall be limited to 10,000 (ten thousand) rubles and it shall be assigned to him if there is any fault in his/her actions.
    8. If the User shall discover the facts of violation of his/her rights/legitimate interests by other Users through the use of the Website Services, such User can contact the Administrator with a corresponding application at the e-mail address indicated on the Website. After checking the relevant application within a reasonable time and confirming the fact of violation of the User's rights, the Administrator shall make an appropriate decision, which is brought to the notice of the applicant.
    1. The Administrator shall send messages to the User by e-mail addresses (e-mail) and/or phone numbers (via SMS) specified by the User during registration.
    2. The User shall hereby agree that the messages and/or their individual parts specified in clause 6.1 can be of an advertising nature and can also contain advertising, informational and other announcements of both the Administrator himself and his counterparties.
    3. The Users' messages intended for the Administrator shall be sent by the methods indicated on the Website. Messages published on the Website are considered to be delivered to the User from the moment of their publication. The Administrator is not responsible for the use by other Users and/or automated systems (robots) of the form for sending messages placed on the Website. Also, the Administrator is not responsible for the use by other Users and/or robots of phone numbers placed by the User on the pages of the Website.
    4. The Administrator has the right to transfer the email addresses and phone numbers of the Users for the purpose of sending advertising, informational, and other messages to the third parties.
    1. This Terms of Service shall enter into force upon the User starts using the Website and it shall be effective for an indefinite future period.
    2. The User has the right to refuse to use the Services at any time, in accordance with this Agreement.
    3. If the User shall violate the terms of this Agreement, the Administrator has the right to terminate the User's access to the Services, to block the Personal Account, and to refuse the re-registration.
    1. The administrator has the right to unilaterally amend the terms of this Agreement at any time.
    2. The new version of the Agreement shall come into force and become effective from the moment the Agreement or amendments to it are placed on the Internet at: https://gamezz.com/page/terms, unless otherwise provided in the new edition of the Agreement or specified additionally when it is placed at the specified address.
    3. The User is considered to be notified of the change in the Agreement from the moment the new version of the Agreement or amendments to it are placed on the Internet in the manner specified in clause 6.3 of the Agreement.
    1. The Administrator, at his own discretion, has the right to assign the rights and/or obligations under this Agreement, both in general and in part to any third party.
    2. The Administrator informs the User about the assign of rights and/or obligations under this Agreement by publishing the relevant information on the Website.
    1. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed, in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation. Issues not regulated by this Agreement shall be subject to resolution, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.
    2. All disputes and disagreements that can arise under this Agreement and/or in connection with its execution shall be resolved in the claim procedure.
    3. If no agreement is reached in the claim procedure, the dispute shall be resolved in the Arbitration Court of the city of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region in the manner prescribed by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
    4. If the dispute is not within the jurisdiction of the Arbitration Court, the dispute shall be resolved in the Moskovskyi District Court of St. Petersburg in the manner prescribed by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
    1. This Agreement is written in two or more languages. In the case of any contradictions between the text of this Agreement drawn up in Russian and the text of the Agreement drawn up in other languages, priority shall be given to the text of this Agreement drawn up in Russian.
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