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[30-10-2020] v.

  • bug fixes in a fool (disappearing avatars and captions on buttons)
  • sorting tables in the lobby - new tables are always at the top
  • the settings of the minimum / maximum turn time in each game are different
  • added difficulty levels in pairs

[29-10-2020] v.

  • prohibiting the use of certain words and symbols in nicknames (admin, moderator)
  • black chips for the first player at the table in reverse, the second player plays white
  • red mark of the opponent's last move in reverse

[26-10-2020] v.

  • improvements to the moderator panel
  • edit memory crash in reverse
  • rating fixes when a player is banned

[23-10-2020] v.

  • decrease the minimum stroke time to 5 seconds
  • acceleration of profile loading, database optimization
  • guest fingerprint

[21-10-2020] v.

  • new strong AI for bots reverse
  • tooltip bookmark at the top of the screen
  • UI edits
  • displaying time in the results instead of a point when playing against time
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